Friday, January 20, 2012

Products, Products and more Products!!

I'm such a sucker for beauty products.  I am always searching for my next favorite thing!

For a little about me, I'm a 40 year old mom of two that works full time outside the home.  I have oily skin on my face, but the rest of my skin is dry.  As a 40 year old with oily skin, this creates it's own unique situation, as most women my age are using heavy night creams and are in need of moisture and skin firming features.  But since my face is so oily, it's hard for me to use those.  I also live in a suburb of Dallas, TX, where it's hot and humid a lot.  That usually makes my make up slide right off my face in the summer months.  I am also prone to some mild acne, some regular acne, and some are those big tumor-like zits.  My quest is to find the perfect foundation or primer/foundation combination that will last at least until lunch time and share my finds with the internet!

I'm currently using Smashbox Anti-Shine each and every day under my foundation.  It works well, and I can usually make it until mid-day before I need to reapply or touch up my foundation. I use it under my MAC Studio Fix foundation.  MAC rocks!!
Highly recommend Smashbox Anti-shine if you have a hard time keeping your foundation in place!

My other new find/obsession is the Urban Decay NAKED eye shadow palette.  I can't believe that I have come to the NAKED palette-party so late, but I'm glad I arrived!  For a pale-skinned red-head, I'm super excited to have an eye palette that is full of colors that I can wear!!  So many manufacturers have created palettes that have beautiful colors in them.  But over the years, I haven't used half of the colors or palettes that I've purchased.
From left to right the colors are:  Virgin, Sin, Naked (matte), Sidecar, Buck (matte), Half Baked, Smog, Darkhorse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep, Gunmetal.  There is not one color in this palette that I will not use!  Love it!!

Next week, the NAKED2 palette comes out.  It will take everything I have not to run out and buy it!  But, I'll have to wait another week or two (or more) for that purchase.

Much Love!

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